Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yothinburana School

The school is located at 1162 Thanon Nakornchaisri subdistrict, Dusit district, Bangkok. Yothinburana School is a coeducation school and near to the Chao Phraya River.

The brief history of Yothinburana School
The original school was built on January 8th 1917 and located on the temple ground of Saphan Sung in Bangsue district. The school then consisted of only two wooden buildings divided into 8 classrooms, 1 meeting room and 1 instructor room and was named “Anuwat Sueksakharn School” by the king RAMA VI. Later the school was crowded by many more students from nearby areas and could not be used any more so finding the new place for the new school was necessary.

The New Place and The New School
The new school was built on December 6th 1934 and opened on June 20th 1935 (The present place). First it was name the high school of Yothinburana and later was changed to Yothinburana School. At the beginning, it had only 516 boy students and 22 teachers and considered as the school for boy from Mathayom 1-6; however, it has become the coeducation school since 1995.

Academic success
In 1998, the school was the first one in Thailand which launched English program (teaching in English language) and in 2010, 12 years later it presented another one of the curriculum of Cambridge or “Yothinburana International Program: YBIP” for the first time in Thailand as well.

How to get to Yothinburana School
If you choose land routes for your travel to the school, you have to take number 3, 16, 30, 32, 33, 49, 64, 65, 66, 90, 117 and 505. However, there is another two ways to reach the school, by water and by underground. Taking the former has to get out off at Kiag Kai pier and the latter get out off at Bangsue station and take the bus number 65 to the school.

The interesting places near the school
Dusit Learning Library is the nearest place to Yothinburana School; it is northeast of the school. There are also two little further places, Kiag Kai Pier and Kaewfa Julamanee Temple. The former is the place where you can get out off an express boat to get to the school whereas the latter is north of the former.
The school phone number: +6622435900